Secure Access Management

The Secure Access Market is driven by the need of security, from Secure Contactless Memories towards Security Controllers with Contactless Interface. We have a broad product range and our Inlays and components are available in various form factors and sizes, customized to your needs. AdvanIDe supports tenders , prototyping or design in activities. With proven long term experience in Transport and Physical Access we support all frequencies and IC types.

Physical Access


More and more contactless card technology plays an important role for Access Management Systems within enterprise and government offices, hotel rooms and campuses worldwide.

Convenience and security plays and important role. The customized Access Inlays which AdvanIDe offers: can match any card formats or any other token. Mini Cards, Round Inlays, PCB Inlays and various Antenna Shapes are possible.

AdvanIDe offers Inlays for:

  • Basic ID card
  • Employee badge or visitor badge
  • Student ID cards
  • Hotel Access card
Logical Access


Logical Access combines the Physical Access Card with strong authentication applications for IT resources such as encryption of emails and single sign on for various enterprise solutions such as ERP Systems.

Multi-technology smart card Modules

With Operating System Native or Java which offer a PKI Applet for Microsoft Cryptographic Applications Programming Interface (MSCAPI) as well as PKCS#11. Those bundles enable logical and physical access control.

Event & Leisure


RFID offers benefits for Event, Sports and leisure ticketing and card applications.

It automates processes faster and makes them more convenient. It helps to accelerate the ticket handling, offers more security and more importantly helps to enhance the customer experience.

With NFC (Near field communications) it creates even new customer experience & loyalty.

AdvanIDe offers the right technology for tickets, cards and other form factors such as wristbands.



Connect the online game world with the physical world of toys.
Gaming characters, scores and gaming credits could all securely stored on NFC Chips, NFC compatibility granting use with a variety of NFC devices.

NFC bridge between physical items and social media and games could be:

  • Toys, figures, electronic gadgets
  • Books, magazines, posters
  • Board games, trading cards, playing cards, promotional cards

AdvanIDe offers customized Inlays other form factors and OEM reader boards for gaming applications.



Customized Inlay solutions for transport cards play a key role within AdvanIDe.

We offer our customers tender support, services around the inlay and customization services within the value chain from Wafer to the finished Inlay.

We can offer various standard ICs as well as Controller bundles with OS and Applets as well as MIFARE emulation.

AdvanIDe offers:

  • Wafer back end processing technologies
  • Module packaging capabilities
  • Antenna manufacturing
  • Transponder & inlay manufacturing (PVC, PET with HF and as multi frequency inlay)
  • Product testing
Loyalty & NFC & Brand Protection


Traditional loyalty programs have driven loyalty by rewarding their customers with various discounts. Retailers for example allow customers to use loyalty cards with magstripe or just embossed ID number only for taking advantage of sale prices, while others have enabled the redemption of points that carry a value. Future loyalty programs need to offer more than general discounts. End customers require today a personalized shopping experience. RFID & NFC can help with this vision. New business models could be generated by using RFID & NFC. Users can touch products and order services and information online through their mobile devices. Brand Protection is a major concern for many customers and manufacturers. The image of a brand needs to be protected as well as high quality products which are cloned and could cause serious damages. With NFC products could be protected and offer user engagement and brand awareness. Secure your most valuable assets and increase the customer engagement.



The capability to uniquely identify items via RFID, and both read and write to RFID tags has almost unlimited application. AdvanIDe offers a wide array of products from LF, HF, UHF and NFC ICs RFID plays an important role in many applications such as

  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management
  • Brand Protection
  • Consumer Interactive Marketing
  • Embedded Electronics
  • Livestock Management
  • Factory Automation
  • Public Transport
Visitor paper sheets and Smart documents with RFID
visitor_small3 visitor_small3

Smart Visitor Management systems improve Security, Engagement and Processes.Smart Visitor Paper sheets contain RFID Inlays and are a powerful instrument to increase Stakeholder marketing at your site at a relatively decent price compared to overall marketing expenses. In general RFID Inlays could be integrated in documents as well and extend the traditional security features for e-diplomas or and paper certificates.

AdvanIDe offers White Paper sheets with customized Inlays in various form factors.